One thing is for sure…..

One thing is for sure….I’m inching closer and closer to 30. Its scary but, I feel like I’ve been through so much already. My 20s were a very trying time for me…I lost friends, made new friends, moved, earned 2 degrees, dated and been in several relationships, fell in and completely out of love, and discovered who I really am. At the age of 28, I would have never imagined that I will be where I am today when I was 21. At 21, I was in complete and utter love, set to graduate from ODU and I felt the pressure…the pressure to grow up, get that dream job, get married, have children…blah…blah…blah. Did all this happen like I wanted it to? Not exactly. I’m burned out. I’m an overachiever who puts a ton of pressure on myself. However, my 20s were very enlightening. I rolled up my sleeves and dug deep into my soul to find out what makes me tick. What makes me me? And to understand who I am. I fell in love with me. With that realization, everything else will fall in place. Since I will reach the age of 30 this year, I wanted to sum up some important things that I learned in my 20s:

  1. Move out of your parent’s house as soon as you can. There is nothing like living on your own. Once you move out (and stay out), there’s a sense of independence that will hit you as soon as you relax on your couch, futon, whatever. It’s a good feeling…embrace it.
  2. Take risks. I know you’re scared to do certain things but, your 20s is where you can fuck up and learn from your mistakes. Enjoy them J
  3. Learn to cook something well. You can’t live off Lean Cuisines and Ramen forever…I mean you can…but the question is…how long?
  4. Leave the cheap liquor alone. I found out the hard away…..consider this a warning.
  5. What you learned in high school doesn’t really count…you will forget these people as soon as you go to college. But, make them your Facebook friends and observe…it’s interesting.
  6. Life is short. Seriously. Never know what tomorrow will bring…so enjoy today.
  7. Your priorities will change. At 21, my priority was getting to the club before they charged a cover. At 28, my priority is getting 8 hours of sleep EVERY night.
  8. The story doesn’t end here…You have your whole life ahead of you.
  9. Your friendships will change. Those girls you kick it with every day in your early 20s will not be the same in your late 20s. True friendships last past college…remember that.
  10. Take pictures…lots of them. Save them to a portable hard drive…not to a flash drive. (Side Note: My flash drive stopped working last week after 2 years…I lost plenty of pictures and very important documents..Not happy). These are the years you have to look back on.
  11. You can learn a lot from observation. Observe your friends….your neighbors…and if you’re creepy….your exes). It’s cheaper and hurts a lot less when you learn from observation.
  12. When it gets rough and you feel like no one’s in your corner, call Mom. Cry. Wipe your nose. Hang up. And repeat. It will make you feel better.
  13. Mom and Dad are human, they don’t know everything but, they sure have a lot of life experiences under their belt. Ask questions. Learn something from them. You’ll find out that they were right all along.
  14. When you find you fall in love, give it all you got. Say what you need to say. Fall head over heels. It’s a great feeling but, it’s hard to find. These moments are the ones you live for.
  15. Smile….its not that bad. Trust could be a lot worse.
  16. We’re all weird. The weird things make you who you are. But remember, someone loves you for you.
  17. Accept the things you cannot change. If that woman/man doesn’t love you the way you want them to, move on. If you don’t look like Beyonce, it’s ok, Beyonce doesn’t look like Beyonce sometimes.
  18. Never. Ever. Lend. Money. to friends or family. I repeat. Never. Ever. Lend. Money. to friends or family. Dude…you’re not going to get it back.  Answer these questions: If you expect it back and don’t get it back…will it change your relationship with that person? Think about it. Because it will.
  19. If you have a passion for something, pursue it. Don’t be embarrassed by it. Embrace it.
  20. Live well. Choose your own major. Pick your own friends. Wear what you want to wear. Start doing the things you love…no matter what anyone has to say.
  21. Step out the box. Do something you thought you never would. Its okay if you don’t like it or if it doesn’t work…its life and its okay.