My Story

Everyone has a story. An obstacle they’ve overcome, a love that broke their heart…no matter your age….everyone has a story.

Hello and Welcome to Wunderland. My name is Chantelle Andrews. I’m a dreamer. A drifter. I seem to get lost in my thoughts and I invite you to do the same.

I started this blog a few years back to share some amazing recipes and traveling adventures with family and friends. Like me, this blog has evolved into my little journal of thoughts.

About me? This is the hardest portion of my blog. I find it difficult to describe myself. I love travelling and getting lost in a new city…it is my intent to discover something new about the destination and hopefully, myself. I don’t take life too seriously…I laugh at all the wrong times, I cry when I’m not supposed to and I find humor in almost every situation. It gets out of hand sometimes. I have love affairs…with books and all genres of music. I get lost in libraries for hours…just scanning the titles and checking out at least 4 books at a time. I can escape reality through the voice of Melody Gardot and bounce to the crazy beats from Kanye and Jay Z. I find joy in trying out new recipes, spending time with family, friends and my baby cockatiel, Abbey, and making dumplings.

Life is an adventure and I hope to somehow give you that feeling through my blog.  Get lost with me. Feel free to leave comments, ask questions and Follow me.

Life. Laugh. Love





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