Travel is….

Its not secret that I love to travel….new cultures…new sights…new people….new food…nothing compares to the feeling I get when I travel to new places for the first time. I felt a huge sense of accomplishment when I rode the Metropolitana di Milano in Italy…especially when all of the signage is in Italian and no one really stops to help you. I had tears in my eyes when I stood in the middle of St. Peter’s Square. I was intrigued with the ruins of Tulum and the stories that our tourguide told us…even if they were only half truths, they were still so very interesting. Annoyance followed while being approached by sellers in Cancun. Feeling of contentment when eating real Italian gelato for the first time. Feeling small while standing in front of the Milan’s Duomo. Feeling complete while standing on the Golden Gate bridge.

As 2013 comes to an end and 2014 finally makes its debut…I’m setting my sights on seeing more of the world.

Travel is spending countless hours in an airport terminal. Travel is returning a smile to the stranger next to you. Travel is sharing stories with a new friend. Travel is flipping through language dictionaries. Travel is packing way too much…or far too little and hopefully learning from those mistakes. Travel is not knowing how to use a bidet. Its discovering that your favorite musician is someone else’s favorite musician half way across the world. Travel is getting lost. Its entering churches too captivating to not enter. Travel is trying extraordinary food for the first time. Travel is buying too many souvernirs. Travel is taking way too many pictures but, wishing you took more once you return home. Travel is riding public transportation and hoping to God that you get off on the right stop. Travel is riding the train and getting lost in the scenery outside of the window. It’s dancing in the street with complete strangers from around the world. Its connecting with these new friends on Facebook. Its the realization that there is much more to living than working and paying bills. Travel is a journey of self discovery.


Tulum Mexico
St. Peter’s- Rome, Italy